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Horses have a rich history in the Bay State, dating back as far as 1789 when “Figure,” a sturdy little bay colt, was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This powerful little horse would later become known by his new owner’s name, Justin Morgan, and go on to become the foundation sire for the Morgan horse. 

The little bay stallion outran and outworked any horse that was brought against him and in a parade in 1817 President James Monroe rode his back. After a full and accomplished life the gallant little horse died at the age of 32 in 1821.

There are very few Massachusetts horse owners who have the privilege of owning such an accomplished horse as “Figure”, still every horse deserves the best of care. Owning a horse approaching retirement age can be a heavy responsibility, that is where Willow Tree Acres can help.

Willow Tree Acres is a full-care retirement facility for horses in picturesque Manheim, PA. We are currently accepting applications for horses from the Bay State.

Happy Horse

Our farm is quietly and gently operated by the family and other qualified caregivers.

horse grazing

Your horse will enjoy customizable private or herd paddocks

Horses love it outside, but stalls will be available as needed.

“It is so comforting to know our two horses are at Willow Tree Acres. We know they are well taken care of and enjoying everyday out in their big pastures. We could not be happier!”

Tracy P 10/3/2018

“I am so happy with the care my horse has received and it is obvious how happy he and all the horses here are. Thank you!

Jessica L 6/22/2017″

From The Bay State To The Equine “Good Life”

sun on horse

Leave the worry to us…
Caring for your aging horse requires attention to detail and can be demanding on your schedule, not to mention the stress and anxiety as you strive to provide the best environment for your companion. There is no need to worry that your horse needs more care than you can give them.

We are here to help, your horse will be in good hands with our experienced staff. Currently we are providing care for 18 retired horses on our family farm located in the quiet countryside of Manheim Pennsylvania.

Why not give your horse the best care available during the twilight years of their life? You will feel better knowing you’re doing what’s right for them.

Introvert or extrovert
Our farm accommodates your horse’s personality, whether social or shy. Customizable private or herd paddocks allow your horse to relax in his most comfortable space. Whether your horse loves to hang out with friends or spend quality time alone, our ample pastures give him the luxury to choose what fits his specs.


4 Features Your Horse Is Going To Love:

Spacious pastures

As your horse ages, he needs exercise to keep him healthy. Exercise in the fresh air and sunshine keeps your horse happy by boosting his serotonin levels. Our rolling pastures provide plenty of space for your horse to move. Who knows? Maybe he will feel young again and kick up his heels in a happy horse dance.

Brand new barn

Your horse will love the tranquil pastures of our farm. But every horse needs a cozy stable to hunker down in during a storm. When the rain rolls in, your horse will love his comfortable stall in our brand-new facility.

Cozy stalls

Your Bay State horse will enjoy rubber matting with a sawdust bedding while he relaxes in his stall. Each stall has fresh running water to keep your horse hydrated. From his stall he can dash out into the green pastures to snatch a bite from his expansive buffet.

Salt blocks

Every horse deserves some horse candy. But salt blocks aren’t just tasty; they also keep your horse’s sodium at a healthy level. The average-sized resting horse requires a daily intake of twenty-five grams of sodium chloride (table salt). With frequent exercise, your horse requires even more salt to stay healthy. Salt blocks encourage your horse to drink water and stay hydrated.


3 Features You Are Going To Love:

Horse feed for seniors

Maintaining a nutritional diet is a vital aspect of overall health for senior equines. In the event your horse should require senior feed rations, we will supply them. Feed that’s easily chewable and digestible while incorporating extra vitamins and minerals can be a great asset to an older horse.

Blankets for the shivers

Bundle up, Figure! Older horses tend to get cold more easily. When cold wind and rain blow in together, your horse can start to shiver. This shivering consumes calories and can lead to weight loss.

At our horse retirement farm, we blanket your horse when needed. Each pasture also hosts a three-sided run-in shed where your horse can shelter during winds and rain.

Veterinarian care

Every year a veterinarian will examine your horse for any health issues that may be arising. This helps to determine what other needs your horse may have that we’re unaware of.

Neighed a reliable retirement farm for your horse?

Now accepting applications from:

Boston MA, Cape Cod MA, Foxborough MA, Northampton MA, Pittsfield MA, Springfield MA, Worcester MA, and the greater Massachusetts area.

Call us at (717) 665-0864.

A Glimpse of Our Farm

What Is Included?

Horse Retirement
$420 / mo

  • Customized Private Pasture board with run in shed
  • Stall as needed
  • Free-choice hay
  • Unlimited fresh water
  • Senior-horse feed as needed
  • Fly masking as needed
  • Hoof trimming as needed
  • Salt block
  • Winter blanketing
  • Unlimited visiting within farm hours
  • Deworming
  • Annual physical by veterinarian to determine additional needs
  • Annual sheath cleaning

A Bay Stater's Final Day

Your horse will be able to enjoy many happy years roaming our pastures and hanging out with their friends. But eventually the time will come when we must say good-bye. Many owners prefer to have their horses buried on the farm where they spent their last years, if not arrangements can be made for transportation back to your Massachusetts location for burial.

Willow Tree Acres offers horse burial services right here on the farm. For an all-inclusive compensation of $700, we provide the service of digging the grave, laying your horse to rest, and restoring the site. There is no additional fee to purchase a burial plot.

If you would like to show your friend the respect of a proper burial, please discuss your wishes with us today.

Contact Us

We’d be happy to talk to you about any special concerns or requests you have regarding your horse. Our family’s goal is to create a pleasant, healthy, quiet atmosphere for your horse’s retirement years. If you have a horse you’d like to get on our waiting list, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get an application to you.

Willow Tree Acres
(717) 665-0864

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Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – noon
Sunday: closed

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