Willow Tree Acres

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A Comfortable Retirement Retreat for Horses

Willow Tree Acres is a full-care equine retirement facility. Retired horses from Northeastern USA are happy on our quiet family farm in picturesque Manheim, PA. We are currently accepting applications for additional horses.

Happy Horse

Our farm is quietly and gently operated by the family and other qualified caregivers.

horse grazing

Your horse will enjoy customizable private or herd paddocks

Horses love it outside, but stalls will be available as needed.

“It is so comforting to know our two horses are at Willow Tree Acres. We know they are well taken care of and enjoying everyday out in their big pastures. We could not be happier!”

Tracy P 10/3/2018

“I am so happy with the care my horse has received and it is obvious how happy he and all the horses here are. Thank you!

Jessica L 6/22/2017″

They’ll Live The Equine “Good Life”

sun on horse

Our family’s 52-acre farm is located in the beautiful, quiet countryside north of Manheim, PA. We care for around 18 retired horses from places such as New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Each horse can be separately pastured so as not to get pushed back at feeding time. If your horse was used to being in a herd with other horses we can place them with a group. Your horse will be cared for carefully by our own family. We keep riding to a minimum to keep our horses calm.

We’ve just built a brand new facility with 18 comfortable stalls. Each stall has fresh running water and lots of available pasture. Your horse will enjoy rubber matting, saw-dust bedding, and reliable, automatic waterers. We will fully care for your horse including hoof trimming, worming, bathing, blanketing, fly masking and curing as needed.

We’ve worked with horses for many years and are confident we will create a comfortable and healthy environment for your horse in its older age. If you need help with transportation to get your horse to our farm, we’re happy to help you with that.

Call us at (717) 665-0864.

A Glimpse of Our Farm

What Is Included?

Horse Retirement
$420 / mo

  • Customized Private Pasture board with run in shed
  • Stall as needed
  • Free-choice hay
  • Unlimited fresh water
  • Senior-horse feed as needed
  • Fly masking as needed
  • Hoof trimming as needed
  • Salt block
  • Winter blanketing
  • Unlimited visiting within farm hours
  • Deworming
  • Annual physical by veterinarian to determine additional needs
  • Annual sheath cleaning

The Final Day

Your horse will be able to enjoy many happy years roaming our pastures and hanging out with his friends. But eventually the time will come when we must say good-bye. Many owners prefer to have their horses buried on the farm where they spent their last years.

Willow Tree Acres offers horse burial services right here on the farm. For an all-inclusive compensation of $700, we provide the service of digging the hole, laying your horse to rest, and restoring the site. There is no additional fee to purchase a burial plot.

If you would like to show your friend the respect of a proper burial, please discuss your wishes with us today.

Contact Us

We’d be happy to talk to you about any special concerns or requests you have regarding your horse. Our family’s goal is to create a pleasant, healthy, quiet atmosphere for your horse’s retirement years. If you have a horse you’d like to get on our waiting list, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get an application to you.

Willow Tree Acres
(717) 665-0864

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Visiting Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – noon
Sunday: closed

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